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"No Membership" is NOT "Free Membership"

Recently, we have seen a large number of Freight Forwarding Networks proposing "Free Membership" for the members - these types of Networks are not productive and can be qualified as dangerous, as they bring the "Rats Members" instead of good quality companies.

The purpose for a company to join a Network is to create some added-value to their services, to serve their customers in a better way and to gain more business; Free Membership does not deliver this expectation.

How is "NO Membership of EWC Network" different?

EWC Network is "not" free even though NO Membership will ever be billed to our Members. For every shipment received, the Member must pay a "Fee" to the Network. If a Member does not receive any shipment during the year, there won't be any fees for them to pay.

How is "No Membership of EWC Network" more productive?

Actually, when a Member brings business into the group, they receive an award of minimum $8.00/shipment shared - the other party (receiving agent) pays a "Fee" to EWC Network. We are very productive in a way that everyone wins with our system.

Here’s how to become part of EWC Network:

  1. Register for FREE to EWC Network

  2. Every member is checked before approval (about 3-4 business days)

  3. Receive a confirmation e-mail

  4. You are good to go

Need more information:

Join EWC Network: click here

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