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Importing & Exporting complexity

All countries are different in terms of Importing & Exporting. This depends whether the country is "Manufacturing", "Services", "Breeding" but has also a direct link to the country "cost of living"

Some exporting countries are not equivalent in terms of Incoterms - some exporting countries are selling on FOB/EXW terms while some others are selling on CPT/DDP terms - It depends mostly on the product value, but also on the negotiated terms. Of course, this logic will have the "mirror" effect on the import side.

Regarding the registered Members with a Freight Forwarding Network/Association, this will impact the number of shipments that can be expected from a group. If the country is exporting on FOB/EXW basis, the Freight Forwarder tends to sell more on the Import side as their local customers are the deciders - Therefore, they need to have an important agent sales force to receive some shipments nominees from the worldwide agents. (example: China)

On the other hand, some Members who are based in a good balance area will have the chance to receive more business as they sit on both sides. (example: USA)

This is creating some sort of frustration from the members who are on the "giving" side and are not "receiving" as many shipments.

EWC Network is the right solution for this. As there is NO Membership, there is "No frustration" from anyone - For the Members who are "giving" their business to the other agents of the Network, they are receiving cash amount into their e-Wallet from the first shipment - Our agents do not pay any Membership, but they receive money instead.

For the agents who receive the business, they pay a commission. This commission is paid only if a shipment is received - No shipment, nothing to settle! Who would complain to receive business?!

Receiving a shipment is not only "a shipment" - it is MORE IMPORTANTLY a "Sales Lead" that opens a door to a new prospect customer. After every new shipment is received, paying a visit to the customer is definitely a good way to take your first step.

Do you want to be part of the EWC Network? Register today, it is FREE!!!

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