About EWC Freight Forwarder Network!

Don't worry, you are not alone!

With more than 30 years of experience in the International Freight Forwarding Industry, we have a high level of knowledge about all the problems / needs in this industry, especially the daily challenges each company faces to be competitive & efficient in order to be survived in this market. Complaints about conventional Freight Forwarding Networks such as high cost, insufficient number of deals, and inefficient real identification about the quality of service of Members, etc. have been heard by us.

We bet on a team and a system for the evolution of the sector!

Through our integrated system, members all over the world interact very quickly & effectively through various options, as per the competitive comparison of both different quotes & with the possibility of identifying the quality of each member (through ratings received within the system), and much more. All of this at NO COST!

EWC NETWORK is the perfect platform for Freight Forwarding companies who want to upgrade your company to the next level. Remember, this is an innovative proposal where you have nothing to lose. 

We believe that the time has come for you to be recognized for getting much more business. This has been a point when our team created an incentive program where you receive money for each shipment shared within the group.

With our Freight Forwarding Network platform, you will be improving your service and gaining more customers. We are together on this path !! Join us today!

Here are some benefits:

  • Efficient: a platform to perform all your daily activities

  • RFQ: Online RFQ with multiple quotes to provide the best service/price to your customer

  • Members: only accredited members can join our platform

  • Rating: Each member is rated with comments - you know whom you're working with

  • Online payment: our efficient online payment allows you to settle your invoices without commissions/bank charges

  • Bonus: receive a bonus for each shipment you are bringing to the platform, up to $14 / shipment

  • Premium: Pay a commission only when receiving a shipment - No boarding, No payment


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+44 20 3286 3115

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