Last Mile Delivery

Digital Proof of Deliveries - Advanced system for all your deliveries with immediate POD

Free delivery dispatch and real time delivery tracking software

Drivers can receive orders on the Delivery App from the dispatch with order details, pick-up and delivery locations, and required delivery time, special delivery instructions - everything drivers need to complete the order

Our streamlined work-flow only need minimum touch from drivers from start to finish. With only a few taps on the phone, orders are accepted, picked up, and delivered to customers with proof of delivery

Dashboard, Mobile App & ETA


Easy Dashboard with Google Map

  • Simple, easy to use dashboard - requires practically no training to use

  • Both Map and Tabular view of the delivery orders

  • Automated order insertion via API or manual order input

  • Real time location tracking of drivers

  • If dispatching becomes too hectic - try our new Auto-dispatching feature for a hands free dispatching experience!

Mobile app for drivers

Your drivers are happier and more efficient when they have the right information at their fingertips:

  • Pickup and delivery addresses

  • Order details

  • Delivery queue

  • Delivery confirmation

  • Maps and navigation

  • Contact numbers and delivery instructions

  • Proof of delivery (picture and signature)

  • Delivery notes

  • Geo-fencing for accurate order status


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