Topic : Key tips to pick the best Freight Forwarder for your business! 

Logistics is one of the main aspects of many industries today. Means, an International Freight Forwarder stands as a key point towards your business success. The trust and process are very important such that even minor mistakes probably reduce your profile graph. The world is changing and we must move on!

Who is a Freight Forwarder?

A Freight Forwarder is a connection between the point of shipment and the corresponding destination. The forwarder may either directly link on the entire process of shipment or controls the same through other transportation services via different mediums such as a ship, road, and air. 

Through this article, let us see a few checklists to be considered while picking a Freight Forwarder for your business. 


1. Make a clear understanding of their industry: The efficiency of a Freight Forwarder in terms of what they can and can not do is very important. The points like their rules and regulations, terms of service, etc. need to take care of, even before we finalize. 


2. The ability of Freight Forwarder to handle shipment types: The shipment could be of different types, not only as per the distance & time but also depends on what we need to ship. By considering all these aspects, the Freight Forwarders we choose must have an ability to help us with different types of shipping irrespective of what we demand.  


3. A perfect idea on requirements: This actually connects to point 2 where we are making a clear understanding of how we could forecast our shipping requirements. This includes the time frame, speed of delivery, commodities, packaging requirements, incoterms, volume, etc.


4. The process/management pattern of Freight Forwarder: To make sure of the easiness and a user-friendly process, the working pattern of the Freight Forwarder has to be monitored before we join for a deal. For example, the point of contact for specific enquiry or customer problems, the responsibilities they are ready to carry, the tracking system etc. A safe deal always demands quality from both sides.


5. The geographical reach of the Freight Forwarder: The connections and delivering capability of the Freight Forwarders irrespective of the countries are very important. The team to handle our shipments must be enough experienced throughout and having a great level of reputation.


6. Overall customer reviews: This is obviously important of any business any verticals. The lack of good customer reviews means 2 aspects. Either they are just started or they are still at the same level even after years. The first aspect is a very simple fact and there are other points to evaluate their credibility. But, if it is the 2nd aspect, there must be another review to understand why they do not have a set of good customer reviews.


7. Reputation and experience of Freight Forwarder: The commodities going across countries need to be carefully handled as they could be very costly. A very minor mistake could be a major loss for the business. Means, the reputation and experience of Freight Forwarders who handle our crucial commodities have to be thoroughly checked. The process and policies of Freight Forwarders to handle shipment must be transparent.

8. Transparency in pricing: As already discussed the transparency of the process, the transparency of pricing is also important. This means specifically the "hidden charges". For example, the pricing while booking the slot could be different when it comes into the scene which usually because of the hidden charges. To avoid these kinds of confusions in the future, the pricing policies must be clearly understood.


9. Do they provide a Cargo Insurance: No need to explain the importance of this point. The loss, damage, theft etc of all the commodities we used to ship are enough to make a business loss or black mark in your brand. So, a very well placed Cargo Insurance policy must be accompanied on the process of the Freight Forwarders when they usually run their shipments. This is very important.

10. Do they have a membership with any reputed Freight Forwarder Network: The efficiency in process, the integrity, the financial strength etc. comes as main points when a Freight Forwarder request membership on a reputed Freight Networks. Means, if you find that the Freight Forwarder you choose is a member in any reputed Networks, you can tick this point and make sure that they are almost credible in the business. 

For example, for a Freight Forwarder to join our platform of EWC Freight Forwarder Network, our guidelines specifically point to different checklist which will be carefully checked before we approve a new member. Also, there are many other criteria that make our platform different from others including our "No Membership" concept. 


As always, if you need to choose a Freight Forwarder to run your business shipment or if you are a Freight Forwarder to pick the right Freight Forwarder Network to join hands, make sure of research even before you do anything. Any questions or clarifications, please feel to write to us. Our team is at your fingertips to answer your queries!!!!


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