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EWC Network Overview & Benefits 

We are a leading Freight Forwarder Network that offers a specially designed platform connecting a lot of Freight Forwarding Companies all around the world. Our unique methodology termed as "No Membership Concept" not only helps our members to escape from all usual membership risks, but also, opens up a new approach to the entire Freight Forwarding Network industry. The high-level security, transparent process, an internal friendship, and of course the best level of trust, keep our brand at the top of the list. Talk to our experts and experience our best features!

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Why EWC Network for International Freight Forwarding Industry?

How our "No Membership Concept" helps you?

A unique methodology from EWC Freight Forwarder Network!

Most of the Digital Freight Forwarder Networks offer "Free Signup" for the Freight Forwarders to join their family. But usually, to retain membership, Freight Forwarding companies have to pay a certain amount to these Networks per year. Most importantly, these subscription fees must be irrespective of the business they do within the network. This could be a burden to a Freight Forwarder unless enough profit from the network. Right?


Think about a solution where Freight Forwarders do not pay any single amount to a Freight Forwarder Network in terms of a Membership Fee, but enjoy all the membership facilities, thereby utilizing quality connections & business opportunities. Nice to hear but not easy to find somewhere. Here comes our new trend called "No Membership Concept". No joining fees, no yearly fees, and no hidden charges at all. Our target is to bring enough business to you and uplift your profit margin without any membership fees at all. All that you need to do is just receive enough orders from our network, do business & earn a lot of money. For all these efforts together, our platform just takes a small amount as a commission from you only once you receive a shipment within this network. No shipment means no payment, no risks at all. But on the other hand, once you do any shipment to a member within the network, you will directly get a good amount as an instant reward right away. This happens on each shipment. This is definitely worthwhile, easy efficient, and transparent. Think & Decide!

Remember, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose, but MANY THINGS to gain!

  • Each Freight Forwarder is added after a certain quality check

  • Hundreds of best members connected from the Freight Forwarder industry

  • No membership fees at all (such as 'on joining/monthly/yearly')

  • A unique concept of Freight Forwarder Network Membership termed as "No Membership concept"

  • Recognition status with a lot of benefits 

  • Get quick payment as rewards on each shared shipment you do internally

  • Pay a fee only when you get business through this group

  • Best quote in comparison, and more options

  • Robust system with all resources to work on your shipment

  • Online communication with your partner via our Program Chat

  • Happy team working on an easy and efficient system

  • Possibility to demonstrate your ability to other Member

  • Transparent process and maximum security 

  • Easy opportunities to boost your profit   

  • Improve long-term relationship

  • Favourite group as "Nested group" within the whole group.. and much more on our platform!

Commission and Rewards Terms!

Just a service charge of $25 on each shipment you receive within this network!

Being a member of EWC Freight Forwarder Network, once the RFQ (Request for Quote) is open from any of the members, you shall have a great chance of receiving the deal. Only once you receive a shipment from that member, you shall have to pay a "Service charge" of $25.00 to the platform. No other hidden charges at all.

You receive an instant reward of $14 on each shipment you send!

Getting a shipment is not an easy job and deserves recognition. Not only you gain recognition through our platform that includes different levels of trust (with advantages) in terms of your evolution, but also, you receive money for each of your shipments deliver to a Group Member

Active Members are rewarded all along the journey and receive higher rankings to get more benefits​!

EWC Freight Forwarder Network has everything you need!


Worldwide partners & rating


Compare the rates instantly


Send the shipment Pre-Alert directly from the portal


Multiple currency e-Wallet to settle all your payments


Optimized your load to fit the goods into the container


 under development 

Optical Character Recognition  to recognize scanned PDF



I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.

REWARDS on each Shipment


 under development 

Advanced system for all your deliveries with immediate POD


 under development 

Streamline your warehouse operations and manage your complete inventories


Use the "Favorite" option to create your own network! 


Insure all your shipments with very attractive rates


Embedded your own ERP into the portal to run all your Logistics activity from one plateform


Track & Trace all your shipments directly from the platform


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