a freight container, totally enclosed and weatherproof, with a rigid roof, rigid side walls, and floor, having at least one of its end walls equipped with doors and intended to be suitable for the transport of a variety of cargoes

REEFER Containers

thermal container equipped with an electrical appliance (mechanical compressor) for the purposes of cooling or heating the air within the container. The CMA CGM Reefer fleet consists of 20’, 40’High Cube and 45’32/33 Pallet Wide containers (Euro pallet type)

OPEN TOP Containers

Freight container similar in all respect to general purpose container except that it has no rigid roof but have a flexible and movable or removable tarpaulin cover normally supported on movable or removable roof bows. Open Top containers have movable or removable top end transverse members above their end doors

FLAT-RACK Containers

Flat-rack containers have no side walls and are available either with fixed or collapsible end-walls. The flush folding collapsible flat-rack, the most sophisticated of its type, has end walls which fold flush with the base.


40’/45’ High Cube Pallet Wide units were specifically designed with the 1.2 m “Europallet” in mind. The equipment, with its 2.45 m internal width, ensures optimum utilization of space. Shippers benefit by being able to load more Europallets than they would in a standard ISO container.

TANK Containers

A freight container which includes two basic elements, the tank and the framework


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